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Sound off for Feb. 8
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

Why doesn’t the board of education publish a list of central-office employees and their salaries? And how efficiently could the superintendent operate without them? I guess she can leave early or on time thanks to them. Factor those into her salary, too.

I can see the Liberty County Pre-K kicking a 4-year-old child out of school because of a death in the family, and they have to go out of town for a couple of days and maybe a week at the most. What’s wrong with Liberty County?

The Hinesville Police Department needs to leave my son alone on Glenn Bryant. Stop harassing him before I start suing them.

I, for one in our family, quit shopping in Hinesville because we go to the stores and get poor customer service. People keep standing around talking to their friends instead of waiting on their customers. Even Walmart. We’d rather go to Jesup or Richmond Hill because we get treated better. I don’t know what it is about this town that they think it’s OK to be rude to customers.

Since Mr. Al Williams made such an issue out of the swearing-in of the officers, I would like to know how many white commissioners rode in the parade in the MLK Day. I don’t think it was a very good turnout of white commissioners in the parade.

Why is it that when you call to talk to the homeless-prevention shelter, you get to talk to bougie people who act like they don’t have any concern for others?

According to the Midway council’s approval, the budget has only a one-notch pay increase for the employees in Midway. What does a one-notch pay increase mean? Is it the same little bit that we got in our Social Security check?

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