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Sound off for Feb. 8

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I know they say that global warming is a threat to our very existence. But, I tell you, if January was an example I can take a little of it.

Trump is a national security risk and needs to be Impeach now!!!

LCSS, how much can you load onto teachers’ plates? How many night time and weekend programs and events can you schedule in one year? Steam night, Science night, Social Studies night, chorus, after school, Saturday school, teacher meetings on Saturdays, and on and on. How much training can you cram into one year? How many different technology programs and initiatives do you expect us to try in one year? Next week is benchmark testing and GMAS practice test. How can teachers teach when our heads are spinning from all of these conflicting expectations? Teachers need some relief. Most are dedicated professionals, but there is only so much one person can do!

They’re going to put a median down Highway 84 and allow only right turns onto it? Where do they think they are, in the middle of Los Angeles?

My child told me his class has a substitute teacher again because their teacher has been out for a month because of stress at work. Why is the teacher so stressed that she can’t come to work and teach?

To the people who are complaining about all the anti-trump in sound off. You must have been the ones who were complaining about President Obama for the last 8 years. So get over it.

More entertaining drama from the Board of Education. Is anyone really surprised? Common sense would tell you that for appearance’s sake you shouldn’t contract with a business where the superintendent’s husband works. Wait, did I say common sense? What’s funnier is that only a few months ago, Dr. Lee would defend her appointee, Mr. Reese, to whom ever criticized him. This stuff is better than Netflix, and it’s free!

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