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Sound off for Jan. 11

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I’m sick and tired of stores that have digital coupons that you have to have a computer to use. Older people don’t have computers or access to them. Please make something for other people, too.

Hey, sheriff, you need to start doing height/weight on your deputies. Some of them are starting to get really obese.

Thanks to Baldino’s for their annual Christmas Eve free sandwiches.

A shout out to JK and T for their tire snowman.

Sunday’s comics were much easier to read this week. The print was much larger. Thanks a lot. But on the other side, in the memorial for Harold Wood, you put the print in a shaded area and it was very hard to read. Put on some shades and try to read it in a dark area and that’s what it was like for me.

Whoever it was that put that in the paper about the deputy, how do you know where that deputy was going, what they are doing. I suppose you could do better. The sheriff has done a great job and will come to be the sheriff again.

I read about the lady that money was stolen from the high school. Is anyone doing about it? Is anyone investigating? Or is it just a hush-hush?

There is something fundamentally wrong with America. And if there is a God, then God needs to hurry up and get here and wash away the sins of this country.

Hmm, so a first-grade teacher was attacked by a first-grade student at Liberty Elementary and two other students were injured by the individual and the police were called. I wonder why this wasn’t in the Courier. It’s becoming too dangerous to be a teacher. Students have all the rights. Teaches have none. If she had attacked the student it would have been front-page news.

I have one question for the Board of Education. Should teachers be allowed to defend themselves if they are assaulted by students?

Too many complaints about the superintendent? Obviously the caller has no clue about what’s happening in the school system or the “supt” called the comment in herself! I agree with the other caller, we can only pray that she pads her rèsumè enough to get a bigger paycheck elsewhere.
Kudos, yeah, yeah, yeah, to the young men around here playing football and basketball games, winning bowl games and leading their college teams to playoffs. But I would prefer to see our young African-American men in college excelling, becoming future doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs.

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