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Sound off for Jan. 13
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I want to address the fact that Liberty County cannot get their tax bills put in the mail before right here at Christmas. I like to pay my taxes early, but I have property in another state, and why can’t Liberty County and even Savannah can get their property taxes out in August? What’s wrong with Liberty County? Are we paying them enough? I think we are — so why can’t they do their jobs?

I live in Riceboro, and I have noticed several times my mailbox not being properly closed. I don’t know if someone is taking mail from my box, since I do have several things missing, but I just want everyone to be aware that I do have a surveillance camera, and if I catch you, I will make sure to prosecute.

I just rode past Taylors Creek Elementary on Airport Road. The children have been out of school for two weeks, and what do I see? Three dumpsters full of trash. How can this be if there’s not been anybody there to make the garbage? I understand that the custodians are still there, but what do they do when the students are not there?

Hey rec department, how come you guys haven’t put the all-star soccer team in the newspaper? I see you got the all-star football team in there, but not the all-star soccer team. You’ve got two of them that went to state, and one of them got second place at state.

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