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Sound off for Jan. 13

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Instead of reaching out to these athletes playing for colleges. Let’s reach out to those who are excelling in school. I’m so tired of the sports coverage.

If you cannot get the BOE to video tape their meetings, then try attending the meetings or running for a position on the board. Our BOE and the superintendent are doing an exceptional job.

Bashing the BOE seems to be weekly assignment. Why?? Is this racism in pure form?

Our newest BOE member went into office ready to stand up for us. What happened? Did our superintendent inflate your ego. I bet she told you that she couldn’t understand why you never went above asst principal or why didn’t you work at the BOE office? You’re not the administrator I worked for and believed in. Please come work a day in our shoes and see how we’re treated. The woman I knew would be furious if she knew how we were treated.

Please stop blaming the school superintendent for the problems in the school system. Blame our school board because they are the ones that are allowing her to drive good teachers off and ruin our system. Thank you to the one board member as he tries to make a difference.

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