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Sound off for Jan. 16
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I’m a homeowner. I’ve lived here for 22 years, and I’ve lived in three cities since I retired from the Army. Two had city employees doing public works, and I was a city councilman in one of them. I guarantee you that this is the best public works system from all aspects that I’ve encountered from all three cities in three different states.

I loved Poole’s Deli, and I was just wondering where everybody that use to have breakfast and lunch at Poole’s Deli, where they’re all going now. I really miss it, and we need another Poole’s Deli or something like it.

I just want to say that I agree with Al Williams, because he does have the gall to stand up when others would not have. And all these people being elected, they’re nothing but representatives for the establishment of Hinesville. They have no clout here. In this way, they speak and they listen. They do what the establishment tells them to do.

I think the health inspectors should all be retrained to make sure they are all inspecting for roaches. Roaches don’t appear overnight. They’ve been there, they start with the little guys and they grow up to be the big guys. Other stores might have them also — I am another person that quit going to fast food stores.

Friday, 11 Jan., 1:46 in the afternoon, 75 degrees outside, and I’m loving it.

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