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Sound off for Jan. 17
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The only activities we have in this town is a really nice rec department, but you can’t even walk your dogs over there if you want to walk in their park. We can’t go on Fort Stewart anymore, so where do all the parties go for the kids and everything? They’re going up to Pooler. They’re making all the money because Hinesville’s not building. For some reason, we’ve got people in government here that just sit on their butt and don’t want to expand this city and make it a livable place for kids, too.

The correlation with the poly-cart ordinance and the pay raise is that the city council voted for both, and both votes were selfish and unnecessary.

Liberty County taxpayers, please take notice of the headline in the Sunday Coastal Courier on the special option sales tax for the region — county wanting to put its own in addition to what we already have for a regional sales tax. Please, keep alert, seniors especially — this is another penny out of your money and cutting off of your grocery bill and your rent and your maintenance of your homes and your lifestyle. This will be wasted if passed, as some of the local-option sales tax has been thus far. Give the politicians more money, especially in Liberty County, and they will spend it on something else that will waste our money.

Would the person that put the poly cart behind my wife’s car in the driveway please identify yourself so that I might bring the appropriate trespassing charges? Thank you very much.

Would the Coastal Courier please provide your readers the number of takeoffs and landings of single- and multi-engine airplanes at the regional airport? Thank you.

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