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Sound off for Jan. 18
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This is for the caller about the two different amounts paid for two separate swearing-in ceremonies: The one on the steps of the justice center was free. The other one cost thousands. So let’s see, which makes more sense for the taxpayers:  Zero or thousands? That’s easy, a no-brainer.

It’s nice to see the burglars, those who are robbing people, being caught and put in jail. There are a few more out there, but it’s good to see. The residents in Riceboro can sleep a little better to know that the robbers who are robbing houses at gun point aren’t out there.

Community leaders and community pastors for the city of Riceboro need to pull together and get rid of the crime and the drugs that are infecting the Riceboro area. The people of Riceboro need to come together and try to promote a clean environment for our children in the community. But I’m glad to see that these burglars who are going to people’s houses have been apprehended. There are a few more; let’s go get them.

To the person complaining about the school food: Yes, there are lots of kids starving. They didn’t care about the kids who don’t have food to eat, all they complained about was the kids being fat. And yet, Mrs. Obama is having lavish parties at the White House with the best to eat and the best meat on your taxpayer money.

I want to thank all of the people that are doing backpacks for little kids that have no food at home. I think you should make a video, send it to the White House and let them know that all those kids they’re trying to deprive of food are the ones that you’re trying to help, because these kids are starving.

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