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Sound off for Jan. 2
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These state troopers with all this specialized training, are they the same ones we give gasoline to so they can patrol? I recommend we keep our money and gasoline and train our own city and county officers. Counting on an outside agency is kind of like counting on your brother-in-law.

I noticed what was in the paper today. It showed that the whites had their inauguration early that morning. The blacks had theirs that evening. It shows me there is a racial problem there. It shows the county is divided.

What a coincidence that all the non-black male politicians to be inaugurated into office Thursday night, Dec. 27, had scheduling conflicts. What are they afraid of? Their acts show a lack of unity, not wanting to be a part of a countywide ceremony, which is a part of holding the office.

You made the homeless man who stayed under the gazebo leave the gazebo and then he was found unconscious by the Popeye’s, and now he’s gone. Was it that serious to make him leave some cover to go to no cover at all and now he’s gone? All the buildings that our tax dollars are paying for, why don’t we build some shelters for the homeless people so they don’t have to sleep under the gazebo?

I was wondering when The Heritage Bank is going to have the shredder truck come again so we can turn in old bills and paperwork and also old computers. It’s closer than going to Savannah.

As a fifth-generation American, I’ve had ancestors on both sides fight in the American Revolution and the War Between the States. My grandfather and his father and his father before that were Southern Democrats. Up to the last five years, I was and voted that way religiously. But after seeing what the Democratic party has turned out, I have not voted Democrat since then and will not do that in the foreseeable future.

I saw in Sunday’s Courier that Mr. Al Williams is beginning to stir up a racial problem. It’s not that they wanted two ceremonies. That’s up to them. They could have been sworn in any time they wanted to.

I’d like to thank Randy Murray for the truthful article on the tax increases that will be approaching in 2013, and I wish our politicians in Washington would be as honest as Mr. Murray.

I cannot believe the gall of Al Williams being upset at a swearing-in ceremony. If it had been four black people sworn in, he wouldn’t have thought a thing about it and nothing would have been said. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

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