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Sound off for Jan. 20
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I’d also like to know if the people who own the grocery stores in this town have power to prevent new stores coming in. And why do we only have one drug store? Richmond Hill has two or three drug stores and about four or five grocery stores. I know that we are bigger than those places. Why do we only have two, and if you want to go to a different one you have to drive a mile out of your way to shop there? Something is wrong with this. Who is preventing the expansion of this town?
As far as the proposed poly-cart ordinance goes, I agree with it, also, but realistically, does not MYOB make more sense?

Beware! Innocence in the law! A ticket given in Liberty County! I purchased a new car in 2013. My birthday is on Nov. 23, I paid $20 for a tag I thought would be for the whole year. Boy, was I wrong. A ticket was given to me this weekend, and I will now have to buy a new tag, also. I was not aware of just this short time on the tag. Innocent.

This is to the man who’s so against poly carts. I leave mine out in the summer when it’s 100 degrees because the poly carts are not air-sealed, so the smell and the huge flies flying around my poly cart are horrible. As you know, flies spread disease. I’d rather them be out on the street than bite one of my family members and spread some kind of disease. That’s why I leave mine out in the summer in the heat.

I’m calling about Liberty County Transit system, the buses. That, to me, is a waste and abuse for the state, federal, any tax dollars that’s being spent on these empty buses. Something needs to be done about it. And I would vote no on anything that comes up with the transit system to continue to have the bus system.

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