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Sound off for Jan. 23
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The children of Liberty Elementary School are being turned into child labor for the school’s various fundraisers. We just received our fourth packet this school year that asks them to sell various products door-to-door. We are never told where the money is going to, and the children are guilted and encouraged into it with prizes. The county needs to investigate the school.

I have a suggestion for The Heritage Bank about the truck that grinds: I think that if the customers that want to use the grinder would pay a fee, maybe $10, $20, that would help defray some of the cost for the bank. I hope the bank will consider this suggestion.
I think all American citizens should get out like Kennesaw was demanded to get guns. We should all go and get a gun, every person, and I think the crime would get less. Get your guns while you can, people, because they’re trying to put a stop to us having guns.

We’ve got a great new defense secretary. A Vietnam veteran, an enlisted man and a person with two purple hearts.  Finally, somebody who knows what it means to be in combat and to be wounded. We got a defense secretary with experience, finally.

Any of you people who voted for Obama, you need to read the Canadian Press about Obamacare and what the doctors are told to do. Everyone over 70 they have to have permission to operate, and those little babies, the premies that we’ve been saving, they will die. Yes, we could have gotten rid of Obamacare.

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