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Sound off for Jan. 25

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Yes, I’m an older citizen, and do not have a computer. Why doesn’t the Courier can’t print more news. I know they have a lot of stories on the Internet because I hear secondhand stories that used to be in the paper, and I would really appreciate it if you all would print more local stories.
Editor’s note: The Courier prints every local article that is posted on The only exceptions are breaking news items, which are posted as soon as we find out about them. The most updated version of a breakings news story is published in the next print edition.

Really, a full page on the school social worker having good fashion! What about the countless number of staff who buy shoes, clothes for students. Or staff who pay for lunches, dance tickets, uniforms, or pay so a student won’t miss an activity. Liberty County rethink your priorities!

It is interesting that the BOE chair had a statement ready in response to the audience about videotaping meetings. Unfortunately, her response had nothing to do with the topic and made her look like she is hiding something.

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