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Sound off for Jan. 28

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Hallelujah! I can’t believe someone besides me needs someone to do something besides digital coupons at grocery stores. I use a certain grocery store and have for the past 30 or so years, and I am a loyal customer. But I can’t get any coupons because I’m old and I don’t have a computer. Thank you so much. At least I’m not the only one. Bye bye.

How does a student make the basketball team at school only to ride the bench? These kids have more potential than riding the bench. When I’m at these games and I see the coach play all of the players except one I begin to wonder why?  That kid is a great ball player and for him to be sitting the bench is unfair. Why did he make the team if he wasn’t going to play? These coaches play the same kids in every game, same kids get rotated in and out. They had 3 games this past weekend and they still didn’t play that one kid who never plays, why not? School basketball coaches need to get it together, you aren’t playing for money, so why aren’t all the kids having a chance to play and show their true potential?

I’ve been reading Coastal Courier for 20-plus years. The only soccer the paper covers are: The World Cup, MLS finals, preparatory and recreation department. Liberty and the surrounding counties have a plethora of people who play and watch soccer. So when I turn to the sports section of the paper I get a little upset when I see no televised soccer matches under the Game Day section. Soccer is almost year round. Every Saturday and Sunday mornings there are games being televised on local/premium channels. It is a very beautiful sport and the lack of coverage is robbing the youth here of the experience.

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