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Sound off for Jan. 29
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In the Jan. 15 paper, I noticed the mayor of Hinesville’s asking the taxpayers to foot another trip for him, now to Africa. I didn’t realize the city of Hinesville was a travel agency for the mayor. Maybe if the mayor wants to go to Africa, maybe he should pay for the trip out of his own money.
Editor’s note: The mayor had said from the start that he is willing to pay for his trip out-of-pocket.

I can’t believe the mayor and some council members have the gall in wanting another paid vacation to Kenya. Who does he think he is, the president?

MidCoast Regional Airport only has 20 single-engine aircraft, one helicopter — these are civilian — with seven local flights and six transient flights. Why do we need to expand the runway? That is money that does not need to be spent.

I’m just sick and tired of people talking about the poly cart. So take your cart off the street — that’s all. You look at the big picture. What’s happening in Washington, the unemployment, there’s all these things. And then, the $25 billion government shutdown, and you’re thinking about a poly cart. Call these people that’s in charge, these Republicans, you know who they are, just about that $25 billion.

Why call off school when it’s 75 and sunny? You don’t know what it will do.

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