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Sound off for Jan. 9
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I applaud the Courier for covering the story on the dual ceremonies. This is a case of the messengers and their message, and the story is very newsworthy.

To the caller that called about the Heritage Bank shredder truck: I was wondering the same thing. I called last year about it, and I hope other people call and try to find out the information. We need the shredder.

I can see that racism is back in Liberty County. But be careful, because all of us are God’s children. You better let racism die down, because there are too many things that are happening now. People need to pray more and quit thinking stupid things.

What State Rep. Williams displayed was courage. Gall was displayed by the participants at the segregated swearing-in ceremony.

Mr. Williams, you were hired to represent all people. Black, white, brown, whatever color. And you have special programs for black people only. As Condoleezza Rice said, anyone who claims racism should look at themselves, because that’s where it begins. Shame on you, starting racist problems.

If Mr. Williams represents all people in Liberty County, maybe he should ask why some of these people got re-elected? They gave themselves raises and they raised our property taxes. Shame, shame, shame.

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