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Sound off for July 1
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With the Florida jury picking, so much for a jury of your peers in George Zimmerman’s case. You’re supposed to have a jury of your peers — there’s not one male, regardless of color, on the jury. It’s heavily black female, and if that’s justice, I don’t know if I still want to live in this country anymore. {Editor’s note: the jury has six females; five are white and one is Hispanic.}

How come we don’t have any NASCAR news in the sports or wherever? There’s a lot of news going on, and you guys just don’t carry NASCAR.

The Internal Revenue Service just got $70 million in employee bonuses, and no furloughs. Something’s not right about this.

The Liberty County Board of Education is strange. They hire people to do a job, then they hire outside contractors to do the same job. And plus, Bradwell Institute is the dirtiest job in Liberty County.

It’s simply amazing the general from Fort Stewart and some other person from Winn Army hospital are saying, “Oh, the poor military, they’re going to be affected by this furlough.” But they don’t talk about the federal employee who’s going to take a 26 percent pay cut. Let’s tell Congress to do their job!

Why is Liberty County hiring from outside at $101,000 a year while we’re furloughing our teachers? This county is just sick. $101,000 to an outsider, five times the median income for this county, while we can’t even pay our teachers. Pathetic.

Like most people, I clean my yard on Saturday. If my trash day is not until the following Friday, I have no choice but to pile my trash on the side of the road the day I clean it.

We need a new public-works contractor. Grass needs cutting, limbs need trimming, sidewalks need edging. Hinesville looks like a third-world country the past two years.  

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