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Sound off for July 10
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I really disliked that commercial — the V-8 commercial — and I intend not to buy anymore V-8 products since that baby is slapping the mother and teaching other children that they can hit their mothers.
There are 8,000 federal employees and DoD employees being furloughed as of July 8 in the 1st district. There are 100,000 DoD and federal employees being furlough in the state of Georgia. And what is Jack doing? He’s playing baseball or he’s on vacation. Congress needs to do its job and stop the furloughs.
Lady Gaga’s performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” is an insult to the whole United States of America. Break her records.
I just think somebody should look into the misdemeanor probation in Liberty County. They just fired a very hard-working, dedicated employee to turn around and hire their brother and their sister. I guess nepotism and unprofessional is what you have to be to be able to be employed there.
Local AFGE 1922, how can you let the hospital furlough workers and schedule physical exams to be done on Saturdays to pay overtime to employees? Stop the command from doing this. Reprimand the command and management teams at Winn Army Hospital.

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