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Sound off for July 11
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Twelve years ago when I moved to Isle of Wight, we had a produce truck that came around in the early mornings. And then we had an ice cream truck that came by for my grandchildren. What happened to the ice cream truck and produce truck through Isle of Wight? We’d like to see some again.

I started to order three little statues that have their hands over their eyes, their mouth and their ears, and I was going to put this between me and my neighbor. I thought this would be a good way to let my neighbor know that we know they’re talking about us.

I’d just like to say it’s a sad day when a person in Long County gets more jail time for cruelty to animals than some people get for committing murder.

Do you really think that the column “What’s this?” is interesting? Enough of putting it in the paper, I don’t care for it. Instead, put more Sound off in the space instead of those little pictures.

Just rode past the Long County industrial site. Lookin’ good. Shouldn’t be long until all that industry helps with the taxes in Long County.

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