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Sound off for July 12
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There are 700 to 8 billion planets that are floating around in the sky, all made by God, and there’s also one they call hell because it’s red as fire and it continuously burns and no other planet can get near it except the ones that are ice cold. It’s just to remind you that the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life.

Liberty County and Hinesville, Ga., don’t you know that people here depend on Fort Stewart for the major portion of their income? The second portion of it is off the soldiers themselves that they sell a house to and then ignore the neighborhoods that all of the people live in. If they’re not in the old-boy network and you don’t have a bunch of influential people living there, then they ignore all the codes and everything. You ought to ride around the entire area of Hinesville, ride all the streets in this city, and you will see that Hinesville is fast approaching a slum and a drug area.

What happened to the last drive-thru  in Hinesville? They used to make all their hamburgers fresh. Now they just put them in the microwave like everybody else. Everybody knows which one I’m talking about, too.

I would like send this message to the citizens of Midway. Looks like we have a killer among us. We have two unsolved murders in Midway, and nothing has been done about it.

If there are those who question the propriety of the so-called alternate lifestyle, just a short refresher course in the subject of human anatomy will enlighten you on the subject. And if ignorance is bliss, there’s a multitude of happy folk around, especially around Washington, D.C.

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