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Sound off for July 13
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Sheriff Sikes: You have my vote. What we need to do is at Islands Highway and Fort Morris Road. They’re speeding early in the morning — some of the people coming off Fort Morris Road don’t even stop at the stop sign, and I’m afraid someone is going to get killed. Please check into that.

I would like to know how somebody can have the right to tell a mother or another grandmother that they cannot come to a kid’s birthday party or that they cannot speak to that child in a public place? Who are they to judge us? Who are they to say that a grandparent or parent can’t talk to their grandkids?

It’s a terrible tragedy that in the past week, two young children got killed while playing with daddy’s weapon. When is daddy going to be held responsible for not securing the weapon?

The purple and yellow house in Midway looks good, and the food being served inside is great.

Isn’t anybody else sick of the four-wheelers? They’re on the dirt roads, they’re on Rye Patch Road. No helmets, no shirts some of them. And they go as fast as they can. It’s really getting old in Long County.

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