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Sound off for July 17
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I think if the city council really wanted to help the citizens of Hinesville, it would be economical if every Coastal Courier issue should contain a condensed portion of a city ordinance that has been published and has been long-standing, such as noise, such as yard care, those type things. Quality-of-life ordinances that 99 and nine-tenths percent of the people in Hinesville, Ga., don’t even know these ordinances exist because they’re not enforced.

I would like to comment on the nurses at Liberty Regional. They are some of the best nurses that I have ever seen. My husband has been in the hospital over a month there, and they are just great. I would like to give them credit for the people that they are and the goodness they show toward their patients.

When will the bus routes for the school year be updated on the Liberty County School System website? I  still see the bus routes for the school that closed. Trying to find out where and when and what time the kids are going to be picked up this year.

I would like to know why there are only two churches across the 84 and 95 bridge going into Sunbury. Both of them seem to be African-American. There should be more churches out that way. Come on, you can’t take it with you when you go. Let’s help the community. Bring God back.

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