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Sound off for July 19
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As far as that Trayvon Martin case goes in Florida, that neighborhood-watch man, it was reported on television, when it first happened, he called 911, called the authorities, they told him to stand down. Anything after that, he needs to be held responsible for what he did. After he was told to stand down, he shouldn’t have pursued it any further.

All the furloughs are kicking in, and none of the politicians can be found to make a “no comment.” But they’re not losing any furlough days; they’re still getting their pay and everything. But they’re walking around a different district. They’re grinning and skinning, and we’re doing the same thing and all the time, they’re kicking us every time, and we still haven’t woken up and seen what they’re really doing to us. But you see now, all these furloughs are coming in, and they’re nowhere to be found. They’re not doing any job to help us.

Thank you, Randy Murray, for the articles that you’re putting in the paper for us, in the Courier. We really enjoy reading them. And would you really tell more about the Southern hospitality that people are saying doesn’t seem to be any more? Would you give us an article on Southern hospitality and it went out when the Northerners came down and quit saying thank you for the services?

Will our stores in Midway, Hinesville and Richmond Hill please publish local seafood, local fish and shrimp and the things that’s around in Georgia here? I am tired of seeing things in frozen packages from China and India and other countries. I’m afraid to use that, and I will not buy unless it’s local, and I know it’s local here in Georgia.

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