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Sound off for July 20
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I’m going to order the little statues that have the hand over the mouth, the eyes, and the ears. I want to put it between me and my neighbor. “Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil.” Maybe they’ll quit talking about us as neighbors.

It is too bad we have to go to Brunswick or Savannah to find a really good steakhouse. And now they’re opening also Red Lobster in Brunswick. I guess they also have extra drug stores; we have the same ones here, the same thing. Oh well, Hinesville. You lost my business when it comes to going out to a nice dinner and not having to pay $5 for a glass of beer.

Is anyone else as tired of all the corruption and illegal doings in Liberty County as we are?

As a pit-bull owner, after reading the article in the newspaper, it sounds like my dog is better behaved than some of the people that attended the town hall meeting.

Instead of banning pit-bulls, why don’t we enforce current animal laws and have an animal control that answers the phone?

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