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Sound off for July 20

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A big “thank you” to those angels who rescued and saved my niece and 2-year-old great-niece. My niece had a huge stroke on July 3 after a wonderful, sun-filled day at (a) fish camp. Thanks go also to the paramedics and ambulance drivers who took her and their 2-year-old to Liberty Regional. Thank you all that she made a full recovery. God bless you all.

It’s a shame that Allenhurst City Council and mayor are not to be trusted. They tell you one thing and then they do another. People that age should know better and should learn to do the right thing in the life.

You know, I just can’t figure out, this soldier be charged with murder. And what I don’t understand is, here is a man laying in his bed with his boxers on. And he’s only a friend. And then when he get there, he has a gun, and they start tussling. You know, I don’t understand that. And first of all, I don’t know why haven’t they questioned the wife about this.

Is it possible to stop the clerk of courts from talking about his job week in and week out? We get it already. You’re important. We get it. You’re very, very, very important. Thank you.

In Sunday’s paper (July 5), Mayor Thomas stated that the city of Hinesville is perfectly fine with the same-sex ruling that came down. He needs to speak for himself and not for all citizens of Hinesville, Georgia, because he spoke incorrectly. Thank you.

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