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Sound off for July 21
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In a recent paper, where did you get the information about hell being a planet? I’ve always read that it’s the bottomless pit … not in a planet circling in sky. Where did you get this information? It’s sure not in the Bible I’ve read.

Did you know that the Walmart employees are being cut back, some of them, to 20 hours a week, because of Obamacare? The taxes, they’re not going to want to pay it, the Walmart people, so therefore, they’re cutting the employees back 20 hours a week. Who can make it on that? It’s hard to work to a second job and keep up with the one you had before, also.

There’s a reason for 25 mph speed limits on your street. You’re going to run over a child or pet. So whether it’s you or someone in your household or visiting your household, please slow down.

Earlier last month, there was a town-hall meeting concerning the furloughs on Fort Stewart. Garrison Commander Col. Kevin Gregory was quoted saying you won’t see an impact when it comes to safety. However, that’s not true. On Hunter Army Airfield, the EMS will be closed down from Wednesday through Saturday after 11 p.m., and those citizens will have to consider and count on the folks of another ambulance organization to run a call, if they’re available.

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