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Sound off for July 22
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I just finished reading the article about the board of education. I see that we’re addressing the Button Gwinnett and Jordye Bacon issue, but what about the coastal school for special need children? The last time I checked, their parents were taxpayers, too. When is the last time our chairman went to that school and looked at the condition of that school?

A vicious dog that a police officer has been called out on because it has already bit a child, and a police officer calls animal control to come get this dog, and when he goes down to talk to the people who own this dog, he gets bit himself. So another police officer calls animal control to come get the dog that already bit the child and an officer, and animal control still refuses? The city needs to get rid of animal control.

I hope Mayor Washington of Midway saw the notice for Walthourville water customers’ bills being delayed. They will not have a late charge; the due date has been changed, and it seems like the people of Walthourville are working with the customers, not trying to punish them and changing the due date, like Midway does. It’s a shame.

I am still waiting to see my grandbaby’s name in the Button Gwinnet Honor Roll, and it ain’t been listed. I hope to see it soon.

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