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Sound off for July 24
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The city manager saying I don’t want to sound negative, then making a negative statement toward his superior, Councilman Jenkins, is very disrespectful.

Shame on the person who recently threw the seven puppies away in the ditch in the pouring rain. They didn’t make it; they drowned. Thank you. You’ve got a big heart, don’t you?  You’re just a horrible person. And God will punish ugly; God doesn’t like ugly. You dropped seven helpless little puppies off in a rain-filled ditch in the middle of a rainstorm. Shame. For shame on you.

I wish we lived in segregated neighborhoods — that is, with dogs and without dogs, so you people with dogs that don’t mind them barking all night and can sleep through all that can have it, and us people who wake up at the slightest little noise, we can have peace and quiet.

I was just reading in the Courier about Hinesville being a major economic hub city. What does Liberty County really do for its residents? You have to pay to go to the health department. Georgia Power goes up. There’s no control over our power company. If you call about a problem with your renters when you’re renting an apartment, they tell you it’s up to your landlord. Why are we a hub when they don’t help you with any problems?

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