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Sound off for July 25
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I have always read for giggles your guest columnist from Midway. One could always tell that he just wasn’t from here. Nothing makes that point better than his general lack of the geography of Midway. Nell Avenue does not connect Highway 84 to Martin Road. It connects Martin Road to the Lyman Hall development north of Highway 84. He needs to get his head out of Mapquest and get out and see the city of Midway.

I would like to thank Officer Nector for coming to my house and rescuing us from a really big snake. He came in and took care of everything; he was there from about 10 minutes from the time I called. And I really appreciate him coming out and getting rid of that snake. And can someone tell me what is up with animal control, why they won’t come out?

Hinesville doesn’t even enforce the no-leash law. How in the heck are they going to ban pit bulls? That is bad law. Enforce the good laws.

If you vote yes to T-SPLOST, you must trust our local officials to spend it wisely. Ha ha.

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