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Sound off for July 25

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Well, we pay a lot of taxes in Georgia and Hinesville. I would like to know what law gives Hinesville the right to tax people’s phone calls. I can see why the government and Liberty County does it. How can the city of Hinesville also charge you a tax? This does not seem right. Many of us are already paying taxes, and now they want us to pass that other tax? What is wrong with these people in Hinesville? Don’t they know how to take care of the money?

You pay all of your taxes for all of these phone charges so that people can have free phones to vote for people who support the free phones.

There’s a contractor on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. If you’re looking for a job and you’re a cousin, brother, uncle or a really good friend of the supervisors that do the hiring, then you get a job. If you are well-qualified, but you’re not a so-called buddy, you don’t have a chance. What kind of practice is that? If you’re a good friend, you fit right in with the group.

I just want to say that it is getting so annoying for these people running for office calling your phone every 10 minutes all day and night long. There should be a law against that. Also, I would like for anybody running for office to quit bashing the other party and just state what they’re running for and what their priorities are.

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