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Sound off for July 28
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We went for about a 10-minute walk and were appalled at the unkempt lawns, etc. Isn’t there an ordinance where grass and weeds, etc., are higher than the fences?

It’s real sad what’s happening in the city of Hinesville. Our leaders care nothing for the people. We’re being taxed right out of our homes. It’s really a shame — a travesty. Get with your leaders in your districts and let them know how you feel if you feel this way. Something really needs to be done.

With all the press that the Bradwell football team is getting, I hope Liberty High whips them like a rented mule.

I wish us older black folks could have a vote in the NAACP. I personally think it should be disbanded, because all it produces is animosity toward law and order, as evidenced by their assembly, or whatever they call it, in Hinesville the other day. It’s time that black parents start raising their kids instead of letting the streets raise them.

Yes, we have a lot to do and a short time to do it. The greatest person of all the stand-your-ground is Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. He’s coming back to receive us unto himself again.

Congratulations to the city of Hinesville for passing an ordinance about the trash cans being left on the curb from week to week. I can’t wait to see things getting taken care of and cleaned up in this beautiful little city. Yay, Hinesville.

Why is it that the city can afford buses that nobody rides, but they can’t spray for mosquitoes?

It was so nice to learn that our mayor, Jim Thomas, knows that Hinesville is not Ludowici. Now if he will only learn that we are not Statesboro or Hollywood, that we do not need a water park — “Splash in the ’Ville” — or a bowl like they have in Hollywood. Please tell Jim that we’re not either Statesboro or Hollywood.

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