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Sound off for July 29
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Congratulations, Yvette Keel. Very happy for your win. Period.

The Liberty County Board of Education must address teacher retention. Too many good teachers and administrators have left the system, and it is the students who are suffering. When is the board going to address the turnover problem? Throwing more money at new teachers to stay for two-year contracts is not a fix.  What is the board going to do the keep the teachers who have been here?

To the caller who talks about junked vehicles in front yards, where are these junked cars located? What streets?

I sat in the Leadership Academy the past two days listening to people that have no clue as to what goes on in a school. But the saddest commentary was when our leader stood in front of us and boasted about the fact that she had run many people off. Don’t thank us for staying; because many of us would be gone too if only we could. When is our BoE going to wake up?

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