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Sound off for July 3
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If the city council showed the same passion for trash collection, they would have hired a new city manager years ago.

 I, too, think the rec. board should have taken measures that would have allowed the all-star team to play ball.

Long County was built on the backs of farmers and timberland owners. Now we’re being taxed out of existence. Instead of real-estate agents on the BoA looking out for the developers, let’s have some farmers and timberland owners as well.

In reference to the situation with Paula Deen and all those people who are dropping her: Are they so perfect that they’ve never done anything wrong?

I’d like to know what the criminal-justice systems in Liberty and Long counties plan on doing. I mean, after all, you’ve got people out here with warrants out for their arrests for theft of a weapon, and they’re walking the streets in plain view every day and nobody’s picking them up. You wonder why we’ve got people with violent pasts who’ve been arrested nine or 10 times. It’s because the justice system has no backbone.  

There’s a verse in the Bible that warns you that you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.

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