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Sound off for July 31
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Thank you, Al Williams, for standing up with your comments in the paper.

Thank you for all your get-well prayers for Andy Young. Please continue to pray for him and his family.

Hinesville is not a hub. Us, like many people in Hinesville, make a plan to go shopping and eating in Savannah. Why? There’s no mall here, and the kids like to shop at the mall. There’s no JC Penney, no Sears and the other stores that have coupons. The kids don’t like to shop at the stores in this town. A lot of kids won’t wear Walmart clothes, so we all make it a day, and they all lose a lot of money because we spend our whole day there, because it’s an hour away to go to a mall. (Editor’s note: Hinesville has a Sears at 103B Gen. Screven Way.)

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