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Sound off for July 5
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I just completed reading the Wednesday, June 26 edition of the Coastal Courier and I’m not surprised to see that, once again, we have an African-American that’s going to be taking a high-ranking place within the board of education. That’s what it’s all coming down to now.
I have been reading the letter to the editor in the Courier from Ms. Rosemarie Swindal. Ms. Rosemarie Swindal, you are correct, you are correct. Who gave Ms. Baker the authority to do all this traveling? It’s not about race because I am a black man who is calling this in. Mrs. Baker, maybe you’ll stop going now and realize that you don’t have to go. Technology is right here. You can learn at home. You can learn right there in Savannah.

In reference to the Sound off, the way ladies dress and go to church, you should be glad they even come to church. And once they’re in the fellowship of the church and see how others dress to serve the Lord, then they will be dressing properly to serve the Lord at church. Don’t discourage people from coming to church because of dress.
When will the board of education update the bus routes and the dress-code policy on the website? I’d like to start getting my children’s things ready, but I don’t know if anything’s changed. So, if the board of education could go ahead and update that, that would really help all parents who are trying to get children ready for school. {Editor’s note: That information will be in the Courier’s back-to-school guide, which publishes Aug. 4.}
Thank you, Coastal Courier, for reporting on the choir priming for patriotic shows in Wednesday’s paper. We’re so excited for such good news and such great reporting.

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