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Sound off for July 6
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Went to visit a friend at Winn Army Hospital and I was shocked to see how some women are dressed there, with their breasts exposed and short, short dresses. What happened to the professionalism of employees who work for the Army? Some bosses are not doing their jobs. These people should have been corrected.

Whoever is worried about the yellow and purple building on Highway 84 across from the Midway post office, all you have to do is drive by, close your eyes and not worry about what’s going on there. You need to get a life and worry about yourself.

St. Peter’s AME Church needs to vote on teachers for vacation Bible study. Instead of having a teacher who plays favorites with her own kids and grandkids, they need someone who knows how to treat all children fairly, especially those in their family. My children will not be returning.

Just kind of curious: What smells in the state of Georgia wanting to increase our taxes by one penny for an assumed percent of people that will be coming in 10-12 years. Meanwhile, John Q. Taxpayer — you and me — are going to be footing the bill forever. What if those people don’t come to the state?

Where is the rest of Button Gwinnett’s honor roll list?

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