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Sound off for July 6

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Watch out, Coastal Courier, Dr. Lee might come after you, saying you’re bullying her. It’s about time someone got after this lady. It’s not right. She’s making all this money, working at home and not taking care of our children.

I thought Marcus Scott’s open letter to the superintendent was right on par. He said what everyone is thinking, and the superintendent has made everyone too afraid to speak up.

I’d like to thank the person that left the fresh vegetables for me on Isle of Wight’s First Street. They were so clean. We are really enjoying them.

Liberty County Board of Education members, remember you are there for the children, so please quit acting like children. This tit for tat is something children do.

Wow, I cannot believe we have board members that are airing out their dirty laundry on Facebook. Why not have a meeting and discuss your problems as mature adults? This is embarrassing.

Parapros are overworked and underpaid teachers. They pull all the duties, make all the copies, spend all the time with the children. And I guarantee you they do more work than some teachers. If you want my advice, becoming a substitute teacher, more pay and less hassle.

I’ve got one for all you Christian church-goers and the politically correct: How can someone be appointed the mother of a church when she is a known bootlegger? Food for thought.

Ludowici has been lying about McDonald’s coming for a year. Every time I call City Hall or anybody, they just pass the buck along. McDonald’s is not coming. Here’s what I say to Ludowici: Liar, liar pants on fire.

Board of Education, why are the parapros not allowed to attend any of the training? Are we not worthy? Some of us know how to do some of the stuff better than the teachers. But they don’t include us in any of this stuff unless they need us.

Why do I have to drive 16 miles to Richmond Hill to buy supplies that I used to be able to buy at the Midway Dollar General? The shelves are empty. It’s time someone put the Midway store back in shape.

Memo to the people using Devereaux Road as a shortcut: Please keep your trash in your car. We don’t need it. P.S: The speed limit on the unpaved portion is 15 mph. There is a special-needs child in the area.

So the Liberty County School System wants to enforce anti-bullying policies at the schools, but they are bullying each other at the board. Wow.

To the children at the Board of Education: The highest-paid person in the school system should not be whining or complaining about a bully.

Maybe you are trying to sound smarter than you really are. Maybe you are still sore about being fired by the board that you were miraculously elected to. Maybe you use sick days to do LCBOE business. Maybe you started your own rec league to get your name in the paper. Maybe no one really cares what you think about the super. Maybe you should learn to write better.

I was bullied by Dr. Lee. After over 20 years with the Liberty County School System, I chose to leave because of mistreatment. I still live in Liberty County but commute each day to a hostile-free environment. I pay taxes in Liberty County and so does my extended family, so I am still very concerned about the students, system and the colleagues that I left behind. Dr. Lee is the true definition of a bully. She is condescending, she leads by intimidation and she’ll quickly tell you to never disagree with her publicly or privately. Thank you, Mr. Scott, for standing up and asking for accountability. You’re not bullying her, but you dared to ask for the truth.

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