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Sound off for June 1
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It amazes me in Long County how many people are running for public office and wanting to be public servants but who are totally ignorant to the law about placing campaign signs on state or county property on road rights-of-way. Everyone I see has got one on it. I hope not only I, but everybody else votes against them.

Maybe the county commissioners need to look into installing time clocks into each county office. That way, it will keep the employees honest about their time.

Now that they resurfaced Highway 84 — which really wasn’t in bad shape— I wish they would go to Main Street and Shaw Road. That really is the worst road in the city, in the county and in the state. That road really is horrible.

Coastal Courier, why do you print the Sudoku puzzle so small? How can anyone solve this tiny thing? If you need extra space, print the horoscope smaller or do away with it completely.

We Christians need to pray for you, too. President Obama is to give equal rights to all. It is their choice to do what they want, they’re human, just like us. They pay taxes, too. Read your Bible and see what you and others are not doing. Sin is sin, let’s all pray for each other and the whole world.

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