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Sound off for June 1
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what  motivated the callers:

I read the comments by the school superintendent that if they can find the money, they would fix the school bus security cameras. This is an unacceptable “if.” She and the school board don’t have to waste money turning Olvey Field from its current orientation. This project could easily be sacrificed to make our children safer.

Traffic was backed up from the Frank Cochran gate to 196 today, May 20. Only one lane at the gate was open. Forty-five minute wait in line. This is totally unacceptable and prevented me from providing patient care today.

I was in line at the grocery store yesterday and the lady in front of me had a cartful of groceries and she paid for it with a WIC card. She didn’t have any steaks, sodas or other luxury items in her cart — only veggies and basic foods. Just goes to show that not everyone games the system.

I’m from Hinesville and am required to take EPD certification biannually at Jekyll Island. I was amazed that the only gas station on the island was $3.71. Come back to Hinesville and it’s $3.84 or more. Please stop the bleeding.

I just passed the new ambulance barn on South Main and I can’t help but wonder why they have an outside door on the front of the building with a bush planted right in front of it. Are they going to use that as a door, or is it just a lack of planning?

Concerning Loonie Farms Animal Rescue, are all the people who sent donation checks to them at risk for identify theft now because these people might be criminals? Can someone please tell us who to talk to see if we’ve been victims of identity theft?

Now that the school superintendent is checking the backgrounds of employees hired in the past five years, someone needs to make sure she goes back further than five years and checks the backgrounds of her assistant superintendents.

Parents, when your children are playing for the rec, please stay with your children. The volunteer coaches are not babysitters. You are responsible for your children and you should be there for them when they’re playing. Don’t just drop them off and take off.

On May 21st, many people’s lives came to an end due to tornadoes and other disasters. It lets you know how insignificant we are. The only thing we can do is leave everything in God’s hands.

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