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Sound off for June 10
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I know the Army is cutting back, but at least they could put up a sign on 15th Street to tell you that Gate 7 is closed so you don’t drive all the way to it.
I don’t mind supporting the Georgia Lottery because it helps kids, but on some of those tickets sold for $10 or $20, you have to wait 25 years to get the whole amount of money. They pay for $40 a year times 25 years. How many of us are going to be alive 25 years from now? That is wrong.
Hey, Liberty County High School athletic department, one senior graduated with an athletic scholarship out of 236 students. With all the talent at Liberty County High School, really just one? Hmm.
Yes, I’ve been receiving the Coastal Courier for about eight years, and one article that I really stress should have made the front page was the top 10 seniors of Liberty County — something positive for a change for our youth. I don’t know them personally, but I really think they should have been featured on the front page because education is very important in this area.
Is there such a thing in Georgia called the Common Law marriage? A marriage they call “common” if you’re not really married by the law way? And I’d like to know if it is and have it answered in the Sound off, about common-law marriage and if it’s legal and acceptable in the state of Georgia.
The Georgia Lottery, if you won $100,000, you got $100,000. Now, they’re paying you $40,000, which ends up to about $25,000 a year for about 25 years. Most of us will not be around for 25 years; when did it become legal for them to not pay you all of your money? Look at your cards in the back; most of them are paying you over 25 years. This is a rip-off, how can they not pay you all of the money you won?
Talk about our rights of freedom being taken away, now washing machines are even government-controlled. Wonder what’s going to be next? Our cars?
To the person who states that Liberty’s basketball program was the best in the county for boys’ basketball: I don’t think it had anything to do with the coach. It’s just the talent the coach has from season to season. And just think: If they had a better coach, they might even bring home a title. Just imagine that.
There is a scam going around about medical alert, that it’s already paid for, and they’re targeting seniors. Please inform all your family members not to have them come to your house. This is a scam.
I was reading in the Coastal Courier on Friday about the salaries and the travel for the board of education. Mrs. Baker, she’s always traveling, going to New York, going places that she has no business going. You need to stay home. I’m glad to see Mrs. Carter in there — she asked a question about traveling. Mrs. Carter, you keep the good work up.

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