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Sound off for June 12
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Someone needs to publish about a flower called oleanders in the newspaper, to let people know they are poison.
I am concerned about the travel expense that Mrs. Baker travels all the time. She says she attends these conferences to bring information back. She doesn’t bring information back, she goes to have a good time. To Mrs. Baker, quit going to Hawaii and these different places because we taxpayers have to endure furloughs and cutbacks. You can learn right here, from home.  
Yes, I’m calling about the board of education’s policy about no drinks or snacks at graduation. Really? I think children 2 and younger should be able to have some kind of juice to keep them occupied or snacks  —  and it would be different if they would at least sell something at the concession, but to replace juice for a 2-year-old with just water, really? I think the board of education needs to rethink that policy, and the parking situation, of course, was just horrendous.

Yes, in reference to the May 19 paper where you ran about the Riceboro man that’s 92 that’s still doing his farming: Well, we have another Riceboroian who’s older than that, and he still plants in his garden, and he’s very active. Can we get some information on him, as well, because I believe he’s 98 years old?

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