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Sound off for June 14
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Hey, I thought Bradwell Institute principal Mr. Carrier was going to be the new superintendent of the Liberty County Board of Education. I don’t know; we’ll see.
This is for the guys that have got to get out of the military: If you guys are good boys and you’ve got good memory recall, why don’t you just open up a church? That’s what a lot of NCOs do when they get out, and they seem quite prosperous. Don’t walk around with your head hanging down. Look at some way to establish your business in the community. So, just open up a church.
I have an issue with folks coming off 84 onto Old Sunbury Road every single morning heading toward Fort Stewart, flying. I have to come out of this area, I’m at a dead-stop, I pull out when it’s my turn, and I about get run over. They need to slow down; there’s a speed-limit, and it’s not 100 mph. We need somebody to patrol Old Sunbury Road.
Remember Noah and the Ark? And he was the only one that had an ark. It’s too bad that nowadays everybody can’t own airplanes and yachts — but it’s time for us to turn things around, because Noah was the only one who had an ark, and God does send the water, fire and the rain. If America doesn’t turnaround, we’re going to get a taste of that.
Yes, I figured out a way for us to get rid of our city debt and our board of education debt: I think we need to have a referendum to get rid of these people for mismanaging our money. It’s ridiculous that we’ve come up short on money because they buy things and build things bigger than any human being and spend too much money.

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