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Sound off for June 15
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Just what we need in the city of Hinesville, on Gen. Screven across the street from Bradwell Institute: another motel. What is wrong with the zoning board in this town, other than they must be getting paid good money to let anybody build wherever they want? We don’t need another motel in this town. We have motels now with empty rooms. Building another one in as dangerous a spot as that is totally ridiculous.

Why can’t the dress designers and stores that are selling clothes put out something besides the empire style waist? It makes people who’ve got a little weight on them look pregnant. It looks like a pregnant style, instead of having a pretty waistline.

I just want to commend the company that did the paving on Highway 84. It really made it much nicer by them doing it at night; no traffic jams or anything like that. Kudos to the company.  

I would like to thank the person that found our deposit back at Walmart shopping center in the cart and gave it to The Heritage Bank. Thanks a lot.

The speed limit on Forest Street in Hinesville is 25 miles an hour, not 52. Slow down; somebody is either going to get hurt or killed.

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