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Sound off for June 20
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If you go to church to look at what other people are wearing and to criticize, there is a problem. This person may not have any other shoes to wear or may have health problems with their feet. Think about that.

To the caller that was complaining about Tight Line putting the fish picture in the paper that said that the slot limit is 23 to 27 (inches), he might need to look at the DNR rules. The slot limit is 14 to 23 (inches).

Why is it that I’m profiled as a racist just because I say I don’t like Obama and his tactics? I have freedom of speech just the same as anybody else.

I wonder what happened to the person that had the accident on 84 on May 31 — the SUV flipped about five times. Will someone put a call in to say what happened to the person?

Midway City Council, get with it and get a new shopping center down in the area. We need competition and someplace else to shop other than just the little one place. Just get busy and get it done — in land, our past mayor tried to get this in, but nothing went through.

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