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Sound off for June 21
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No 2-year-old should be at a graduation ceremony. Get a babysitter, lady.

On the 14th, which is Flag Day, I also heard it’s the Army’s 238th birthday. I never knew Flag Day was the Army’s birthday, and I hope I’m right.

As an employee of the Liberty County School System, I find it appalling that I have to take furlough days, and I am seeing brand-new, unopened textbooks being thrown in the garbage from the schools. Waste, waste, waste.
Maybe that’s where mirror came from is from the chemical weapons that have been spreading in Syria. They’re spreading germs to infect all people. God bless us all.
I’m so tired of people making this guy such a hero with national security phone conversations. Now China’s going to get some of this top-secret stuff from him. That’s why they won’t let him out of there. You watch. When something happens to threaten us, blame the White House. And don’t forget — these forest fires are no coincidence. You don’t believe me? Read Revelation.
Please send the mosquito spraying truck to Isle of Wight. The mosquitoes are eating us up over here. Go slow and make the chemicals so strong you can smell them, and go slow when you go by the houses and down the road — not so fast that it doesn’t seem to do any good.  
When are they going to put a center turn lane on E.G. Miles? More bad wrecks and people getting hurt at School House Road, Deal Street, OMI and Arlington. Please do something about this, city leaders.
It’s really amazing the world’s greatest power in the world is furloughing federal employees. Something really must be done; we need to cut somewhere else.

With all the industry we have here and around us, it sure would be nice to get a Subway here in Midway.

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