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Sound off for June 24
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What happened to Button Gwinnett’s honor roll list? There are only 42 names on the list; my daughter made honor roll, but her name is not in the paper.

This is an anonymous caller addressing the anonymous letter to all Americans in your paper: I sure am glad that young man is going to college, because that sure is the most idiotic letter I have ever read in my whole life.

Beware of the banks charging for a fund transfer from one account to your other. They want $5 now for a transfer on your bank accounts if you need it — $5 for a phone call to transfer your own funds I think is too much.

Let me tell you why there’s a freeze on Fort Stewart: Because the jobs are hired underhand, and it never reaches the USA job system, and the locals will never see the job to apply. And we hire our friends. That is why there’s a freeze.

I saw a show on channel 9 in which THC from pot was put into a Petri dish that held both cancer cells and healthy cells. The THC attacked and killed the cancer cells and left the healthy cells alone. So we do have a cure for cancer — but it’s illegal.

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