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Sound off for June 24
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It is so funny to read the “Study to weigh what county lacks.” What our county really lacks is not retail; it’s leadership. The mayor, city council, school board, board of education — they misappropriate and misspend our taxpayers’ money and do not think about us. We’re not coming here, we’re leaving this area. You cannot keep building bigger buildings than counties bigger than us.
Hats off to the new Long County Commissioners. I think they could have found a better-looking trailer for the code enforcement office. And I didn’t see a permit for the work that is being done on it.
This goes for Mr. Jones. Yes, Mr. Jones, I came into your office to see you. The second time I came, the lady at the counter told me to wait for your assistant. I waited about 15 minutes, meanwhile the clerk was at her desk on a personal phone call.  Your assistant never showed up, so I got up to leave. The man I was waiting for was on a cell phone outside. I can’t believe this is what our tax dollars are paying for.

Please, McDonald’s that’s going into 84 and 95 down from Midway, if you’re going to put a McDonalds in, put one big enough that people can enjoy, with a play place, an ice-cream bar and that little kids and teens can enjoy in the place. Don’t put a little tiny place in, we want something we can enjoy.
It appears that all the Long County Tax Commissioner’s family works for Long County now.

In the mid-60s when I graduated from senior high, the slogan for that year was “Education is a serious business.” With all the technology in today’s car, does that apply to driving? Is driving a serious business?

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