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Sound off for June 26
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Someone really needs to address the situation of how young ladies are dressing in church. Then again, no one should address it — young ladies should know that they shouldn’t dress as if they are about to go to a club or a strip club. Please dress appropriately when you’re about to go to church and not look like you’re going to drop off a pole.

Can we just give it a break on Chairwoman Miss Lily Baker? It’s never been an issue prior to now, so folks, get a life. This isn’t the only way that the taxpayer money is being spent.
Why do custom-home builders take forever to tie up loose ends?

Oh, how I wish they’d put another little ice-cream store in the Midway Shopping Center like we had when I moved down here seven years ago. We enjoyed taking the grandkids in there and the others, churches and all. We need another ice-cream store — buying it from the stores here in Midway and taking it home just isn’t the same as enjoying it in the store.

Bitter man, bitter man. It sounds like the person who wants a new coach at Liberty County High School, their child don’t have the qualifications to be a Georgia high-school player, and they want some handouts.

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