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Sound off for June 27

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Thank you Marcus Scott for demanding answers. Dr. Lee accused you of bullying when in actuality she is the true definition of a bully. Ask those that have been on the receiving end of her intimidation and bullying tactics. It’s happened numerous times over the past three years. She is furious with Mr. Scott because he had the audacity to question her behavior and actions. The other board members have condoned her behavior while she demeaned administrators, teachers and staff and continues to obliterate the school system. Dr. Lee said she loved her job. So did the fine educators that left our system because of her abuse. Has any board member asked for exit interviews or surveys on any of the 20-plus administrators or 100-plus teachers/staff that have left since Dr. Lee arrived.

Thanks, Dr. Lee, for everything you do for the children in Liberty County!

What a mess at the BOE. Don’t understand superintendent not liking harassment and bullying. That is her leadership style. If you don’t believe it, contact the dozens of administrators, teachers and staff that have quit during her tenure. Or, do a paper survey question about how people perceive her leadership style. The superintendent is finding what it is like to work in fear. We have been that way since she came to Hinesville.

Congrats to Jordan McRae on being a part of a championship team! You have made Liberty County proud! But I have to wonder, will our BOE members demand a championship ring, too, like they did when the LCHS Panthers won a state championship?

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