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Sound off for June 28
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I think a good way to cut down on crime among the youth in Hinesville is to enforce a curfew like they do on Fort Stewart, so that if you’re under a certain age, you have to be off the streets by a certain time. This may not cut it off 100 percent, but it may reduce some of the crimes that are happening.

What’s going on with the street lights at Lakeview trailer park in Allenhurst? It’s dark, and I don’t know why Georgia Power turned the lights off, but there’s a pond. It’s a dangerous, dangerous environment now out here.

I’m a retired Vietnam veteran, and I think all us veterans and military dependents and active duty need to get together and protest the PX. I went out there and spent $481, and they charged it to me twice. It’s been seven days, and I still don’t have my money back. What’s the deal?

To reply to the person that said they didn’t like what Rep. Jack Kingston had to say, and they don’t want anybody that does what the majority wants. That’s the problem; they don’t understand how democracy works. The majority rules, not the minority.

Can the Coastal Courier please put the pictures from Liberty County High School on the site? I was not in attendance and would love to see the graduates’ pictures.

I want to thank the Coastal Courier for the article they published June 19 regarding the four arrested in Long County. It’s about time we saw some kind of blotter or police report or something on Long County as far as the crime is concerned. Y’all did a good job.

Please, grocery stores, everyone doesn’t want to grill on the holiday of July the 4. Please run some sales on hams that we can have with potato salad, and also maybe some turkeys on sale. We’d like to have other food for our Fourth of July.

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