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Sound off for June 29
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How can one grandmother act like she’s so high and mighty and call herself a Christian lady and does not invite other family members to her grandchildren’s activities? Or how this grandmother cannot inform the mother or the other grandmother of these children’s activities in school?

Why is it a law that I’ve got to wear my seatbelt, but every time they put me in the back of the cop car, they don’t ever put my seatbelt on me? Does that make sense?

To the caller who said she was No. 1 in a man’s life: Why would you spend your time worrying about woman No. 2? It seems like you are not sure if you are really the No. 1 woman in his life. That’s what deceit brings — deceit and being slick will always have you worried about the other woman.

A judge is supposed to be fair and balanced. Hinesville needs a new municipal court judge.

Why aren’t the stores in Hinesville carrying the solar — not electronic, but solar — bug zappers? I would like to buy several of the solar bug zappers locally.

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